Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can We Talk?

This is not a personal request but the name of a new Bible Study I started last Wednesday at church. The kick off for the Fall Bible Study season began, and I was ready to open my mouth and be filled with God's precious Word. I have always struggled with being able to actually study the Bible without a "Bible Study". This, in my opinion, is stupid. I have a Masters degree in education. I studied for years. I came through all of my years of formal schooling with great grades, yet I have trouble sitting down and ingesting God's Word. Why is it so easy to study academics and so hard to get into God's Word?

Well, hopefully with this study my prayers are answered. It's a study by Priscilla Shirer. She calls it an "un" Bible Study. She actually gives 5 steps that are fairly easy to remember to help you get into God's Word. The goal is to see Scripture as God speaking to you. It's a conversation. We speak to God through prayer and we receive God's Word as His message to us for the day. I'm only on the first week, but it's already looking like a great study. I highly recommend it. Further updates to come.

Now I gotta go. My OSU Buckeyes are playing the biggest game of the season except for the game against Michigan. My eyes will be glued to the tv for the USC game. My boys are underdogs tonight. I only have one thing to say..... GO BUCKS!!!!
Oh - it's gonna be a late night.... Michael Phelps is hosting SNL tonight too.

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