Sunday, September 7, 2008

The LORD is greatly to be praised

It happened- today was the first day that the big Monkey sat with us in Big Church. The morning came with much fear and trepidation at the thought of my four year old boy sitting in church with people around us. Those of you who know my Monkey, know that he has trouble sitting for long periods of time in a quiet place. However, mom brought a bag of goodies and he did just fine. Thankfully, we knew the people in front of us, parents of one of our babysitters. They were quite understanding and weren't too far removed from remembering when they were in our shoes. I can't tell you how I had been praying over this day.

Monkey also got a new Sunday School teacher. Another praise... I knew her and she knew him. She is a psychologist and a friend that has 3 well behaved kids of her own. We've been through Kindermusik together and she knows my active boy. She also helped out in Monkeyman's Sunday School class last year. What a relief. After the year we've had - it was such a comfort knowing that things might just turn out okay... I know that God, Himself, is looking at me and reading this - and saying - "Child, if you would just turn things over to ME, and leave the things that burden you, that scare you, that worry you in My Hands I will do more than all you ask or think. All to the glory of MY Name.

Sorry for forgetting so quickly, Lord. I know that You are completely able. Thanks for loving me the way that you do - perfectly!

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Heather said...

What a praise! He is an *awesome* God, isn't He?? Have a super Sunday!

Love you, G! :o)me