Monday, February 8, 2010

1000 Gifts: Gifts in the everyday

So often I lose sight of the everyday gifts God gives.  Lord forgive me for my discontented heart and my loss of focus.
0203. an early rising child with whom to spend quiet snuggle time.

0204.  the task of teaching my boys to leave things better than you find them

0205.  the mountain of laundry (clothes on our backs)

0206.  dirty dishes always there (not lacking for food)

0207.  rooms needing tidying (a safe warm place to call home)

0208. friends to share burdens, joys, and concerns

0209.  fellowship, food, and laughter (and more food - yikes)

0210.  watching a little boy get a cup of ice water, take a sip, then dump it in the sink repeatedly - I can appreciate it because he wasn't mine - :)

0211.  conviction of my heart - knowing that God is still working on me

0212.  toys strewn on the floor (children - a blessing from the Lord)

0213.  quiet time with the Lord - a time for Him to speak

0214.  a three year old - not giving up - learning how to use the restroom

0215. another Monday - a start of another work week,  start of a another school week, the passage of time and a day to remember 1000 gifts


1 comment:

Heather said...

Love your perspective-- that our "mess" is simply a sign of our abundance. Something I need to remember more regularly~

Hope you're feeling well and enjoying a little bit more snow?? Maybe??

As for me, I'm over it... 100%.

Spring. will. come.
Spring. will. come.
Over and over and over again :)