Monday, February 1, 2010

1000 Gifts: More to the List

What an interesting week!  Last Thursday we were outside without coats in mid 60 weather enjoying playing, and then Winter Storm 2010 blew in and dumped 12 inches of powdery fun all over our area.  This is the first time that our boys had an actual opportunity to experience the fluffy white stuff - they had seen it in the Midwest while visiting family - but it has never really been enough to build a snowman - which is the criterion for a good snow according to my 5 year old.  So with thanksgiving to the Lord for His gracious gifts to our family I continue the list.

0183. a beautifully warm day in January to play outside with friends, running, jumping, playing swinging, sharing, laughing.

0184.  enjoying the company of several moms and kids to get together, read a story, and make a craft

0185.  snowmen made of paperplates - an anticipation of the real thing to come.

0186.  a break with some gals - accountability partners - to chat over coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea - to discuss what the Lord is imparting to us, but also, all the other things going on in our lives.

0187.  encouragement from blogs of friends... reading, learning, growing.

0188.  God's special surprises - blessings of obedience

0189.  the forecast of snow - a lot of it for this area!

0190.  waking to a fresh blanket of white...with no end in sight

0191.  the excitement of little ones - pleading as soon as they awake to go outside and play.
0192.  the quiet of snow

0193.  Life

0194.  a daddy pulling two thrilled boys to a small snowhill for some sledding

0195.  throwing snowballs

0196.  making a snowman with eyes, nose, smile, arms, and a 3 year old's desire to make him anatomically correct

0197. resting after hours of playing outside in the cold

0198.  a family afternoon of movie watching, popcorn, and spending time together.

0199.  having church at home because the weather canceled corporate worship

0200.  a husband who lovingly braves yucky roads to buy his wife some relief for a terrible headache

0201. providing for feathered friends who enjoy a little seed and a little shelter in a blowing storm

0202.  three days of staying in a warm cozy home, playing, loving, reading, listening, enjoying each other


amy said...

glad to see you're posting! sorry you had a headache. those are yucky! what a great snowman, and what cutie pie kids, seriously! and you know i love birds and that fat little cardinal about did me in!

Heather said...

with you today, sister!!

God. is. so. good!

Much, much, much love,