Friday, February 19, 2010

Washing Feet

Last week in Bible study we (my boys and I) studied Jesus washing the disciples feet.  I explained afterward that anytime we do something for someone else with a good attitude and kind heart that we do it for Jesus.  We show that we love Jesus by loving others.  Well this week we had an opportunity to put feet to our lesson. 

I have a friend in my Sunday School class who had a death in her family.  It was sudden and completely unexpected.  So immediately, when I got the news, I set to making dinner for her and her boys. As I made the dinner I was reminded of the lesson about the footwashing.  I explained to my boys that we had an opportunity to serve Jesus by doing something for someone who needed love. I told both the boys that we were going to wash some feet.  I likened the making of the meal to the washing that Jesus did for his disciples. 

When it was completed I took the meal, and my Chops, and we got in the car and drove to the house.  Hopefully, it left an impression on my two young ones.  I pray that they grow to have a heart for others.  That Jesus may be glorified.


Heather said...

perfect teachable moments = true gifts!

happy saturday-- sleep well. and then sleep some more!

amy said...

a lesson learned by all, i'm sure, the givers, the receivers, and those who stand witness to your service. it's the little things. you will have great boys!