Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Gift of Routine

Isn't it amazing how human being crave structure. A day or two is fun without structure, but after a while, everyone needs to get back into a routine.  Our Lord created us that way.  He is a God of order.  The Bible says in I Cor 14:33 For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace. He knows we need order and consistency.  He knows we don't thrive in chaos. 

This being said we have been stuck in the house for the past several days due to snow... which is really no big deal to me growing up with it - but around here life stops as we know it.  The snow came on Friday night/ Saturday morning.  Not just a dusting but 12 inches (the kind of snow that drives people to the grocery store to buy all the bread, milk, and eggs off of the shelves).   Since then, all activities outside of the house have stopped.  Granted we were able to play in the snow for two days which helped tire the boys out... but now that the snow is melting, rain fell yesterday causing our already saturated yard to turn into a mud pool and the streets to turn to ice during the night - keeping kids who go to school-  out - and other recreational activities of our family that go by the school schedules for snow to be canceled.  That means no karate, no kindermusik, no church activities.  Ugh!  Unfortunately, since my older one is so tall we can't even go to the mall to play anymore.  Frustrating.  I know that I feel yucky being trapped inside the house... the poor boys who have 10 times as much energy to expend as their momma are running (an I mean running) around the house screaming and going bananas. 

We are ready to get back into a routine.  We have continued to maintain our school schedule which helps with the everyday routine.  Thankfully, the roads are starting to clear and regular activities are beginning to resume again.  Karate decided to open today regardless of what the schools decided to do.  Kindermusik will be back in session for my older one tonight.  And praise God - we will have church tonight and the boys will go to their classes... so parents can have some needed respite in their own grown up classes. 

This lesson just helps me remember even though the thought of disorder and lack of routine may be fun for a few days... I NEED structure.  My boys NEED structure and routine... and we all just need to get outside and run off some energy.  With that I say COME ON SPRING!!!!!


Heather said...

Spring. is. coming.
Spring. is. coming.
Spring. is. coming.

I need this daily reminder, too :)

amy said...

oh my goodness. i could have written that first paragraph! i'm with ya, girl! glad we all had two days of fun before it got yucky!