Thursday, February 11, 2010

BSF day

I love talking with my boys.  I have stopped turning on the radio in the van while we are in the car together just so I can chat with my usually always running boys.  The most treasured conversations, lately, have been on the way home from Bible Study Fellowship.  Each child learns the same lesson about Jesus that the women do, which is a great way to start discussions in the van on the 20 minute trip home.  On more than one occasion my children have quickened my heart, either in conviction or in elation as I realizing they are getting IT.  You know the IT - the most important thing for any Bible believing momma - that their children would follow in the footsteps of the LORD - that they would love HIM with all of their being.

Today, my question was what did you learn about Jesus?  Josh replied that Jesus was going to prepare a place.  I asked if the place was for everyone.  He EMPHATICALLY said, "NO."  I continued to inquire -"Well, who gets to go?" Josh very groundedly stated "Only people who trust Jesus as their Savior."  SPOT ON!  He said this with such conviction that it brought tears to my eyes. I then told him that during his lifetime that many people would try to tell him that there were many ways to heaven.  People want to believe that they can believe in Buddha or Muhammed or just be good.  If they are faced with Jesus they are face to face with their sin.

I praise God that my boys are learning that Jesus loves them.  They are learning that they are sinful human beings. Even though they know that they do wrong they know that Jesus loved them enough to die  for them on the cross.  IT is the most important thing for this momma.


Heather said...

And that's what it's all about! So glad you had the opportunity to share in it :)

amy said...

cool. those are the moments to look back on when you're having a roller coaster day! what a blessing!