Friday, February 26, 2010

A New Start : my book list

Like my BFF, Heather, I really enjoy reading.  My problem, however, is that I have a difficult time finding TIME.  That word is so small, but has such BIG connotations.  Whoever thought when we were single, or even married without kids that we would actually THINK that we didn't have TIME to do something.  HA!  I had NO IDEA what having no TIME meant until I became a mom... of one, and then of two very busy boys, and of course, being a wife takes time out of my reading schedule too.  I mean, come on, someone has to do the dishes, cooking, laundry (gathering, cleaning, folding, putting away), shopping, bathing of the children, picking up of toys in an ORDERLY fashion, and cleaning of all things in our home.  And because I have SO MANY books on my reading list, I quickly get overwhelmed, and then instead of reading one at a time I just put more on the pile and turn my back to tackle them later.  But today there will be a CHANGE!  I am committing to reading for 30-45 minutes a night.  That way I can knock out some of the awesome books that I have waiting for me.  Even though I'm starting my list late for the year (almost being March) I figure that now is as good a time as ever to begin.  My list will be getting longer as I add to it and remember all of those that were supposed to be on my list.  And as for that time issue - I've always been told the easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  Thankfully, I'll be reading... elephant doesn't seem very tasty to me. :)


amy said...

that's right. no better time than now. i think that's a great commitment to make! good luck to you and make sure you share all the good things you're going to read! and remember, there's always a locked door in the bathroom to make a little reading time!

Heather said...

good luck, my friend! I've have good weeks with my list, and I've had terrible weeks... but still i truck on. It's that whole time thing... well, you obviously know how that goes ;)

let me know which ones are worthy of my very limited time, and I'll pass along my "winners list" too~

gretchen said...

girls - have I even started yet -- ah the best laid plans of mice and men... that one is NOT going on the list. HA!