Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've been studying the book of John at Bible Study Fellowship this year and oh what it has taught me.  God is so specific with His children.  I am spoken to by the Lord EVERYTIME! There has not been one single time when I have not sat through the lecture that the Lord hasn't taught me more about myself.  Of course, it's usually in a humbling way

The same was true of last Thursday. We had come to the section of John the week before Jesus death on the cross.  He is in the upper room with his disciples and He takes off his outer garment, down to just what a slave would wear.  He took a bowl and washed the feet of his friends.  He knew full well who He was.  He knew where He was going.  He knew what lay ahead of Him.  He knew that He was God.  He knew that as God He should receive all praise and honor, but He washed the feet of those He loved.  Jesus showed His own how much He loved them.  He performed a menial task - a task worthy of a slave.  Jesus showed His love by serving His friends - to teach them to serve others.

Immediately, I was convicted in my heart about my home.  I find myself complaining, if not aloud, in my heart, about the laundry, the dishes, the untidiness of the bedrooms.  Toys on the floor, dirty bathrooms, coats strewn about the house.  I get frustrated - even irritated to the point of anger regarding the disheveled state of my house.  Don't any of the other 3 people who live here see that things need to be picked up, or thrown away, or put away?  Ugh!  It irks me!  Then I get an attitude and have a hard time remembering that what I do I am supposed to do for the Lord and not for men.

I am called to serve my family because Jesus served me. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't help.  It just means that I need to check my purpose.  If the LORD, who is Creator of the entire universe, who weaves human beings together from their conception, who hangs stars in the sky, can stoop to wash the feet of His own I need to adjust my attitude regarding my service.

Lord, Help me to remember that before I was called to do dishes, or laundry, or housework that You chose to wash feet and then be lifted high on a cross.  I thank You for Your sacrifice, and ask that you'd forgive my bad attitude.  Help me remember to serve because  You did. In Jesus' Name, AMEN!


Heather said...

Preaching to the choir, dear friend... preaching to the choir~

Miss you... love you... see you soon??

Chari Curtis said...

Wow, this really speaks to me Gretchen. Thank you sweet girl for the gentle reminder.

Love you..