Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Addictions & Mr. Mischief

Hi, my name is Gretchen and I'm addicted to watching the Olympics. Is there any 12 step program for those of us out there? I'm starting out by admitting that I have a problem. I don't think that our television has ever been on so much. Any time I have a quiet moment I am plugged in to see what's up with any one of many athletes. It doesn't really matter what sport it is, although I have my favorites (swimming, diving, gymnastics, kayaking, etc). I love to watch all of those sports that you don't really get to see on tv much -kayaking, rowing, water polo and a host of others. I could sit for hours, however, my family wouldn't think of it. They need food, clothes, and general mom time.

I figured it would be a good idea to admit my weakness and try to get into a recovery program before I go through the ugly withdrawal period at the end of the 12 days.

There is no reason to wonder why my sister bought Chops a shirt that said Mr. Mischief on the front. He wears it proudly. Here is a example of his brand of mischief. After an adventure of meeting up with friends at a local garden with sprinklers to play in and lunch on the hill to watch planes take off we came home exhausted, and mom, especially, was ready for a good nap. I awoke to the normal call of "MOMMY ......MOMMY" when the little one awakes from his nap. What I found when I opened his door was a total surprise. His crib was empty except for him- which is no unusual thing. He typically throws all of his special things out of the crib when he wakes up. However, on this occasion, he was totally naked. He had taken off his diaper and left a puddle in the crib with a few little drips on the floor and on some special friends. Thankfully, that was all that had happened. I could only imagine the effects if something else had left his system. Oh dear.

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Heather said...

He's a wild man, G! I remember the days when my boys emptied their cribs, too... fortunately they stopped there!

And as for the addiction, I'm right there with you, man-- going cold turkey in two weeks is going to be *painful*! Brusters, anyone??