Monday, August 11, 2008

Just like dad

This past weekend was a busy one. I spent Saturday trying to pick up around the house and Jeremy mowed. Our grass had grown quite long because of a malfunction with our lawn mower. It wouldn't start. It still hasn't been to the mower doctor. My handy husband was going to attempt to fix it himself with all of his spare time. LOL. So in the mean time friends of ours let us use their mower since they are moving to a place where they don't need to mow.

After nap our Monkey man decided that Dad needed some help. So in his jammies and rain boots he took his mower out to help his dad. It was a good thing to because rain came the very next day. I don't think that Jeremy would've been able to get it done without him.

On a different note, I'm paying the price for staying up past my bedtime last night to watch Michael Phelps and company take the gold medal that was anticipated to go to the French in the 4x100 M relay. Oh - was it sweet. As my best friend said - "if you went to bed before the race you went to early!" (hope I didn't misquote you Heath...). Phelps is swimming again tonight to try for his 3rd gold. Yes, I'll be watching - and probably screaming at our tv thinking that Team USA will hear me cheering all the way over in Beijing. Hopefully it won't wake up my boys!

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