Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Fly

Today has been kind of quiet. I tried once again to wake up at 5:30am to run and pushed the snooze alarm without even realizing it. I slept until 7. Running didn't happen today.

I did have plans, however, to go into school to set up my classroom so that I wouldn't have to worry about set up the first week... there is so much paperwork to do that I will be up to my ears if I don't prepare. I asked one of our babysitters to watch the boys for a few hours (which included naptime) and went to work. When I came home, before I took the sitter home, she put her sunglasses on Chopsy. I had to get a picture.

In other news Cox turned of our internet access. I called them yesterday to find out what was wrong. The guy I talked to said that the company disconnected us. He couldn't tell us why, but gave us a reference number and a new number to call. We called and after 20 minutes of waiting the new guy at the other end said that our computer had a virus and they shut us down to prevent us infecting other computers. The odd thing about this is that we have a Mac. There are very few hackers that create viruses for Mac because the amount of Macs being used compared to PCs are minimal.

Anyway - my hubby had to download a new antivirus software to clean the machine. We still don't know if it's completely fixed. Here's hoping. So if you don't see us around - you can figure that it's due to further computer sickness.

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