Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Breather

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I feel like I can breathe again... praise the LORD. Day two of morning prayer and Bible study over my day, year, family, children, and friends was completed again. I am really enjoying my quiet time with just me and Jesus. It reminds me how rushed I am during the day having to run to work, accomplish things there, run home, make dinner, settle disputes, go back to making dinner, fix toys, finish making dinner, make sure hands are washed, get everyone to sit down for dinner, make sure they eat dinner, give baths, clear dishes, clean up dishes, read stories, brush teeth, change diapers, say prayers, put kids to bed, and then I might get some time to relax if I don't have any work from school to accomplish. Whoo! I like starting my day with my Lord. It's quiet. I can sit and listen. When I am so busy running around doing stuff I can't listen. It's impossible. I'm not focused on what He wants to say to me. I'm too busy. Too hurried. Too rushed.

After dinner tonight, we took the boys to practice bike riding skills. This is not something that has come easy to Monkey at all. He has problems with motor planning. When his body has to make certain movements that are unfamiliar he either shuts down or has a real hard time accomplishing the task. Tonight we rode into a cul de sac down the street to practice. HE DID GREAT! I was so proud of him. We were out for almost 1/2 hour, just riding. We had to ride home because it was getting dark. I, of course, took the camera to document the monumentous occasion.

If you didn't notice I added an HTML to the blog. It's for the movie Fireproof. I hadn't ever heard about it until today. Kirk Cameron is in it. It looks really good. Check out the trailer. You can view it here.

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