Thursday, August 7, 2008

Only A Bit More Grace

Today we had one last day of summer fun with our friends. Sadly for us, they are moving on the 17th of August so that Mike can go to school far away on the other side of the state. Unfortunately for us, he's decided to take his family with him. Shannon and the girls came over for a quick lunch and then we were off to the pool. We spent a few hours splashing around and having fun before the reality of their move sets in on all of us. They will be greatly missed.

On a lighter note - I was away this weekend for a great retreat with my best friend (the one who got me started on this crazy blogging fad) and her mom. I stayed at one of my most favorite places on Earth. I am convinced that God helped in the design and location of this place because it is truly heaven on Earth...the company is great, too. I was surrounded by trees and flowers, fresh air and wildlife of all kinds. I even saw a few deer (young and old) a few feet away FROM THE HOUSE. How many people can say that they have deer at their back window. The location is affectionately called CAMP GRANDMOM. It was a great getaway for the weekend where a girl can breathe and slow down enough to hear the Lord speaking AND be able to process the message. It's harder to do when you have a house to keep up, dinner to make, and two kids wanting your undivided attention. What a blessing.

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